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Why new moms should consider going on the Keto diet.

Image credit: Photo courtesy of: Sharon McCutcheon So, let’s quickly attempt to explain what this Keto diet is all about What it is: Keto diet is basically a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet whereby the body produces ketones which is the energy that is produced when the liver breaks down fats in the presence of low glucose (sugar) intake. The cells in our bodies, digestives systems and organs have been accustomed to easily processable food due to the modern ways in which we consume pretty much what we want when we want to. YUM: Image credit: Photo courtesy of Jakub Kapusnak Your body will always go for the easy option first. When you eat carbs, as far as this topic...

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Why Newborns Deserve Baby Skin Friendly Clothes

All new mums want the very best for their babies. Practising sustainability in your choice of baby clothing is a great way to teach smart environmental habits early while choosing items that are good for baby skin. We all want to nurture our newborns in a way that protects their delicate skin, so choosing clothing made with non-toxic dyes and organic cotton is the perfect way to cocoon their skin in comfort. Keep Baby Skin Healthy: Delicate newborn skin is susceptible to irritation by harsh chemicals. Synthetic materials are created from environmentally unfriendly products that may cause health problems, including damage to the immune system. Cotton may be a natural fibre, but it's one of the most highly treated crops in the world, which...

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Trick or Treat: Halloween Costume Contest 2017

Enter Little Pancakes’ 2017 Halloween costume contest to show off your little angels! Send your kid’s photo to SOCIAL@LITTLEPANCAKES.CO.UK A chance for all parents to win a £75 voucher! Accepting photo submissions from November 3 to November 18 How to enter: Take a photo of your baby/kid wearing a costume: Be creative ;) Send the photo to Rewards: The luckiest one will get a £75 Voucher that can be used in our store - The winner will be selected randomly Rules:  The contest is open to all babies & kids from 0 months to 7 years old Photo submitted must be taken by yourself, not a professional photographer Only one entry per participant By submitting your kid’s photo you give...

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