Winners - Halloween Costume Contest 2017

Congratulations - written in yellow font

Cute Little Darcie!! :D

The Winner of our Halloween Costume Contest 2017


We guess a picture is worth a thousand words and calories for that matter, because Darcie is so cute & yummy

Due to popular demand we've featured 10 more applicants and have given them £20 voucher to spend on our New Arrivals Collection :D Yes! that's how cool we are :P


Mayzi & Holli - The ultimate teletubby & the devil 😈  duo 

Collage of a baby girl and a kid dressed as red teletubbies


Hugo & Jessica; Winnie the Granny A.K.A Lil Chucky the doll 😂
Rickard & his Crew - Better watch out! ☠️ 👻


Halder A.KA. The Dark Side 🙀 ; Mr. Harry Potter 
 Keonna the little Nefertiti 😊
Charlene's Little Pumpkin 🤗  & Mr. Reed 😎  


Annabelle & 🤫