Why Newborns Deserve Baby Skin Friendly Clothes

All new mums want the very best for their babies. Practising sustainability in your choice of baby clothing is a great way to teach smart environmental habits early while choosing items that are good for baby skin. We all want to nurture our newborns in a way that protects their delicate skin, so choosing clothing made with non-toxic dyes and organic cotton is the perfect way to cocoon their skin in comfort.
Keep Baby Skin Healthy: Delicate newborn skin is susceptible to irritation by harsh chemicals. Synthetic materials are created from environmentally unfriendly products that may cause health problems, including damage to the immune system. Cotton may be a natural fibre, but it's one of the most highly treated crops in the world, which is why it's important that you buy certified organic to keep newborn skin healthy. All of our New Arrivals clothing, including our baby girl dresses, are Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certified for clothing safety and are baby skin friendly.
Baby clothes that last longer: Organic cotton may seem expensive, but baby clothes made with this soft yet durable fibre are much longer lasting than conventional cotton. That's because the fibres of over-treated cotton start to break after only a few washes, whereas organic cotton can be washed time and time again and still look as good as new. If you're planning on expanding your family, then durable baby clothes made from organic cotton are a great investment.
Help out farming families: The pesticides used to spray non-organic cotton crops have been linked to thousands of deaths. By choosing organic cotton and Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certified baby clothing for your newborns, you're helping to ensure that more farmers and their families don't suffer the same fate and can live and work in safety.
Make an environmentally friendly choice: Every new mom wants to make smart choices for their children and organic cotton and baby clothing that doesn't use toxic dyes are the green choice. Whether you're a first-time mom or a parent of a growing family, by choosing environmentally friendly baby clothing you'll help organic cotton farmers to maintain soil fertility, promote biodiversity and reduce toxic pesticide use. Your choices promote sustainability and help make the world a better place for newborns everywhere.
If you love sustainable and baby skin friendly clothing that brings together durability and classic style, then at Little Pancakes we have green and gorgeous baby clothing for every new mom and her baby to fall in love with.