What's in Your Changing Bags?

Share your changing bag's essentials!

A chance for all parents to Win an Organic Gift Set


How to enter:

Simply send us social@littlepancakes.co.uk pictures of your changing bag’s essentials along with a few words explaining the items and why you carry them. 

It doesn’t need to be fancy or glam. We'd like to hear your stories and share some tips and bits of advice for other parents. We will make a blog/SNS post with your stories and pictures to give other parents inspiration.

In return, we'd like to offer a chance to win from our amazing organic products. The winner is chosen randomly! As a gesture of goodwill, we will give all the rest of entries 20% off vouchers :-)

What's in your changing bags?
This challenge is open to all parents in the world.
Accepting submissions from October 4 to October 19
By submitting your images and words, you give your consent that your images and words will be published on Little Pancakes Blog, Facebook, and Instagram.



  • The 1st place will get an organic baby gift-set from our store
  • All entries will get 20% off voucher that can be used in our store



  • Images and words submitted must be taken and written by yourself
  • Only one entry per participant