Our Picks on 10 Best Parenting Blogs

When it comes to parenting, there is no easy way. No one can fully define what right parenting is. When you look for some parenting tips and bits of advice through books, online, or whatever you prefer, there is so much information on what you should and shouldn’t do that you might get lost due to information overload.

Here are our 10 favourite bloggers who offer some ‘real’ tips on parenting that you may find useful.



Image credit: Photo courtesy of Slummy Single Mummy 


1. Slummy Single Mummy

Jo Middleton, a freelance writer and mum of two currently living in Somerset. She started Slummy Single Mummy back in 2009 and this blog covers everything from her teenage pregnancy experiences, Disney children Books, to the family trip.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Bump to Baby


2. Bump to Baby

Alex Gladwin is a mum to two boys who started a blog back in 2013 as a way to capture her thoughts, feelings and emotions. For over four years now she has been sharing snippets of life as a family as well as writing about topics like pregnancy, travel, and much more.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Mum in the Mad House


3. Mum in the Mad House

Jen Walshaw, mum to two boys who are 14 months apart in age who are currently 11 and 10, living in the North East of England. On this blog you will find about art, cooking with kids, realistic parenting tips and screen-free activities to encourage you to live a creative family life too.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Love from mummy


4. Love from mummy

Inspired by a community where there are other mums just like her, Vikki Holness is a UK parenting & lifestyle blogger. She is a single mum to two boys, started writing a blog back in 2012. Originally it was a private blog to share her baby’s progress with family and friends, but over time it has become so much more.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Tory and Roo


5. Tory and Roo

Having worked for an international children’s merchandise retailer for a number of years, Harriet is a mum to two boys and one girl and is a parenting blogger living in the northern English countryside. Sharing the wins and woes of parenting, you will find a lot more tips and pieces of advice from Harriet.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of The Oliver’s Madhouse


6. The Oliver’s Madhouse

Jamie Oliver is a stay-at-home working mum to two boys, writing about both ups and downs of parenting, motherhood, and lifestyle. You will find a lot practical tips from parenting, travelling with kids, to general lifestyle.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Not Another Mummy Blog


7. Not Another Mummy Blog

Alison, a freelance writer, podcaster, and mum to six-year-old daughter living in London. She started Not Another Mummy Blog in 2011 while on maternity leave, writing mostly about babies and motherhood. Since then, it has grown into a lifestyle blog with a mix of a family trip, style, and opinion.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Once Upon a Time


8. Once Upon a Time

Susan Mann is a working mother of two boys and one girl, living in Scotland. She has been blogging since 2010 about the highs and lows of parenting life. She is now part of the parent blogging community, where she has attended several conferences and been nominated for several awards.


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of All baby advice


9. All baby advice

All Baby Advice and more is a lifestyle blog written by Mirka Moore, a stay-at-home mum to two kids. She wrote about bringing up her daughters bilingually and living in England, sharing her parenting tips, writing product reviews, and so on. 


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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Dad Blog


10. Dad Blog

John Adams, a married father of two young girls, dad blogger and vlogger, started blogging about fatherhood and family life in 2012. John gave up his career in communications to run the household and look after kids. In addition to writing and vlogging about parenting, you will also find him covering lifestyle subjects such as motoring and cars, DIY, home improvement, and so on.


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