10 Best Homemade Baby & Kid Food Recipes

You don’t need to be a fantastic cook or buy elaborate equipment to make your own food for your little one. These 10 recipes we've selected from reliable sources are fast, affordable, nutritious and much easier to make than you might think. So let’s get creative using some of these awesome recipes!


1. Avocado Puree - For Babies

Avocado is known as a unique fruit that contains oil, highly nutritious, containing vitamin E, iron, potassium and niacin. This yummy avocado puree is a perfect first food for babies and mums to be. According to © Dr. Axe "it’s chock-full of healthy protein; in fact, it has more than any other fruit. For pregnant women, avocado is also one of the great folate foods, as this vitamin can help reduce the risk of birth defects."


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Little Pancakes_Avocado Puree
Image Source: Photo courtesy of The Picky Eater


2. Quinoa Ratatouille - For Babies

If your baby hasn’t tried the quinoa yet, making this ratatouille could be a good start. This homemade food is filled with zucchini, eggplant, sweet peppers, squash and tomato, with the addition of quinoa, according to the recipe.


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Little Pancakes_Quinoa Ratatouille
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Love and Duck Fat 


3. Mini Energy Balls - For Toddlers 

Are you looking for something like an energy-boosting food for your kids? Try Mini energy ball. This delicious healthy snack can make your child energetic and lively throughout the day.


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Little Pancakes_Mini Energy Balls
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Annabel Karmel

4. Smiley Face Bagel Pizzas - For Toddlers

Pizza is always the right choice to be a cool mom. This fun recipe is easy to adapt for younger babies. You might get some help from your kids by letting them choose their favourite toppings.


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 Smiley Face Bagel Pizzas

Image Source: Photo courtesy of Heinz For Baby 

5. Fiesta Bowl - For Toddlers

Fiesta bowl is easy, fast, and can be varied based on what you have leftover in your fridge and pantry according to the recipe. Let’s make it your own way!


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Little Pancakes_Fiesta Bowl for Toddlers
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Baby Foodie

6. Mini Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes - For Toddlers

Finding new ways of cooking nutritious meals for your kids could be harder than you expect. So, we picked this healthy pancake recipe up for you.


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Little Pancakes_mini blueberry buckwheat pancakes
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Mash Your Heart Out 

7. Toddler Chicken Wrap - For Toddlers

Wraps are brilliant for picnics and school lunchboxes. Not fancy, not expensive, this chicken wrap is just easy and delicious.


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Little Pancakes_toddler chicken wrap
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Small Steps 

8. Savoury Baked Rice - For Toddlers

This is the perfect food created from leftovers for a Sunday night easy meal. You can stir anything through the tomato and rice mixture.


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Little Pancakes_Savoury Baked Rice

Image Source: Photo courtesy of Kid Spot 

9. Salmon Fish Fingers with Chunky Chips - For Toddlers

This tasty dish for your toddler is rich in omega-3 thanks to the salmon. Why don’t you try to make this today?


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Little Pancakes_Salmon Fish Fingers with Chunky Chips
Image Source: Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food 

10. Baked Apples - For Toddlers

A delicious budget-busting dessert can be the one of your kid’s favourite sweet. Served with custard would be a great idea as well.


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Little Pancakes_Baked Apples
Image Source: Photo courtesy of Netmums